Latest image:

The latest RasPBX image for BeagleBone Black is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and includes:

  • Asterisk 11.8.0
  • FreePBX
Torrent raspbx-bbb-24-04-2014.img.xz.torrent
HTTP raspbx-bbb-24-04-2014.img.xz
MD5 65ff82bec84baf6123a3ed156f5dac19
SHA-1 34f468290caa80cfc5bce9dfbf21b88be1cb5868

A 2GB card is required.

Once your RasPBX has successfully booted, run this command on the console to install the latest additions and improvements:



  • Preinstalled FreePBX modules: Asterisk Logfiles, Announcements, Conferences, IVR, Queues, Ring Groups, Motif (Google Voice)
  • Easy access to the BBB by name. On Macintosh computers, access your BBB with: http://raspbx.local, on Windows machines just use: http://raspbx
  • Improved security with Fail2Ban. This feature is optional and can be installed by calling: “install-fail2ban” (read more here)
  • GSM VoIP gateway with chan_dongle. This optional feature provides GSM to VoIP / VoIP to GSM calling capability using Huawei E1550 or compatible USB modems. To install it call: “install-dongle” (read more here)
  • Fax gateway support with HylaFAX. This feature is optional and can be installed by calling: “install-fax” (read more here)
  • Dnsmasq used as TFTP server for OSS PBX End Point Manager as well as for local DNS caching
  • Continuous upgrades and improvements with “raspbx-upgrade”

Since the last image posted on 09/09/2013 these fixes and improvements have been made:

  • Upgrades #1 – #18 included (see complete list)
  • Latest kernel 3.8.13-bone47 and all Ubuntu updates

Configuration details set during install:
Mysql root password: beaglebone

SSH login:
user: root
password: beaglebone

Default FreePBX login:
user: admin
password: admin


Release history (previous versions):

MD5: e4a72e9f54ef33a79494430a6c4f6837
SHA-1: 743b18c2ae5f68cbbc8f1f5d3cc6d2da97e0753b
Date: September 9th 2013
Contents: Asterisk 11.5.1 & FreePBX

  • Upgrades #1 – #15 included (see complete list)
  • Latest kernel 3.8.13-bone27 and all Ubuntu updates
  • Default terminal for boot messages set to tty1 (HDMI output)

MD5: c11d33b245647f0983e59fed771372db
SHA-1: 14187f6a9c819390e76a51913c9a6c21381592b0
Date: May 28th 2013
Contents: Asterisk 11.3.0 & FreePBX

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